Our clients include both landlord and tenant, we offer contractual services and dispute resolution forums for all parties involved in such agreements. Our experience extends to private lets and also commercial tenancy agreements.

A tenancy is the occupancy or possession of land or premises by lease. The occupant, known as the tenant, must acquire control and possession of the property for the duration of the lawful occupancy. A tenancy can be created by any words that indicate the owner’s intent to convey a property interest on another individual.

Disputes between Landlord and Tenant are not uncommon and are most often exacerbated by the differing expectations of the parties. On the one hand, the Landlord is allowing another person to live in his property (the value of which he knows only too well) and on the other hand the Tenant is paying to live there and expects to be able to fully enjoy the premises without interruption.

The relationship between Landlord and Tenant can be a fragile one. Those which tend to deteriorate are usually the relationships where the expectations of the parties differ and this will be most likely to occur when the parties have not embodied their prior expectations in writing. A thorough rental agreement prepared by a legal professional will not only outline the exact responsibilities of the parties but may also allow for certain recourse when problems do occur (for example deductions from the deposit) which will substantially reduce the chances of having to resort to litigation in order to resolve the dispute.