Get to know us

BHLEX Law and Consultancy Bureau has been established in 2008 by two experienced and highly educated lawyers, Özge Bengüsu and Terry James Hamilton...

Now BHLEX Law and Consultancy Bureau is one of the leading law firms in North Cyprus which provides services locally and also throught the world. BHLEX Law and Consultancy Bureau represents individuals and also corporation with small or big investments. In BHLEX Law and Consultancy Bureau everyone is expert in own field and it is assured that all the clients recieve the best servise from the proffesionals who have deep knowledge on the field.



BH LEX is renewing all its system, including the website. BH LEX has started to recruit lawyers from different countries who would practice in different countries with a hope to set up a branch abroad.



BH LEX is proud to announce the new services of the North Cyprus Law Clinic which is a subsidiary company of it. Now, anyone who wishes to have a legal knowledge with a certificate from the Ministry or whoever needs a preliminary consultancy, started to contact the Law Clinic.


BH LEX has moved to the new premises. It is an honour for the BH LEX family to continue growing and expanding.



BH LEX has expanded and improved its legal services within and outside of TRNC. Law is what BH LEX do!



Dr Özge Bengüsu of BH LEX, was called to start to teach Business Law at Eastern Mediterranean University has accepted this deep experience as a part time lecturer in EMU.



Özge Bengüsu received the title of Doctorate by submitting her thesis in “The Principle of Equality of Arms in International Criminal Justice” and presenting it at the University of Luxembourg.



BH LEX has reached a considerable amount of client database and started to provide legal service abroad as well as providing legal assistance in different places of the world with their associates; such as Turkey, the Netherlands, the UK, Lebanon, Malta.



BH LEX is expanding and has started to provide legal service in Russian with Russian lawyers in the office.



BH LEX was established with two young lawyers as an international office. Terry James Hamilton as the legal consultant and Özge Bengüsu as the lawyer and advocate started to provide their experiences and knowledge in BH LEX offices in Kyrenia.